What Does Abc Legal Services Do

Find the accused who don`t want to be found with our jump search services available to lawyers. Our certified investigative teams tirelessly track your defendants using the latest predictive technologies. We offer special point-to-point delivery and subscription itinerary services in the Seattle/Puget Sound area to ensure your legal documents are picked up and delivered with proof of delivery. Submit the legal documents you want to have delivered and basic information about the service. Autofill and address verification make it quick and easy. Robert`s role focuses on the service execution process and improving the overall quality of our product offerings and successful order processing. Robert has been part of ABC`s legal team for over 10 years and has worked in the legal industry for over 15 years. With a nationwide network of business process servers, we serve more than 1 million legal documents worldwide each year. It`s our bread and butter, and we do it well. Although the delivery of the process involves the delivery of legal documents, the rest of the process should be online.

Place and manage orders on a web services platform that is easy to use and tailored to your needs. Nick optimizes our clients` experience to create Raving Loyal fans. In addition, it generates strategies and guidelines related to the objectives of ABC Legal. Nick holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University Alexander graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Laws, Society and Justice and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Oregon with a certificate in Intellectual Property. Mindy brings over 5 years of recruitment management experience to ABC Legal`s Process Talent Discovery department. Mindy leads her team skillfully and builds strong bonds with authenticity and trust. Mindy graduated from San Francisco State University and earned her degree in Business Administration. Search to learn more about the process service and get a process server near you.

Alexander has been a practicing lawyer since 2009 and is Secretary General of the MIT Enterprise Forum NW and a board member of the Seattle Good Business Network. Alexander has supported ABC Legal throughout his career as a lawyer and process improvement specialist and has been instrumental in the design and development of the ABC Mobile app and compliance standards. Use a platform that gives you the visibility you need to ensure proper process service to your customers. There is no black box or hidden fees – just an honest process service. As a Six Sigma expert, Tim leads process improvement initiatives at ABC Legal and integrates technology into operations to help our clients in unique ways. This is the data you need to ensure that you meet local requirements for the process service. Navneet brings his experience in project management, development, testing and technical support from his previous roles at Microsoft and Amazon to drive IT and security initiatives at ABC Legal. Navneet leads its team in the supply of large systems and platforms that ensure security for the process service.

Navneet is a graduate of Utica College and earned his Master of Science in Cybersecurity. Get a reliable and accurate location selection with our proprietary technology that searches for locations based on defendant address, claim amount, city, county, and zip code. Karen is no stranger to commitment and leadership. His long history at ABC Legal has brought him a wealth of leadership experience for several teams within the company. She often receives praise and respect among her colleagues and clients for her willingness to provide service first. Robert holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Cal State Hayward`s College of Business & Economics. Joe holds a bachelor`s degree in English literature from Central Washington University and is a certified senior human resources professional from HRCI. Court records are well done – the first time. We facilitate e-filing in all states that offer it, including guaranteed judicial acceptance and real-time updates at every stage of the process. ABC Legal reports all service documents and verifies them to and from the court, as well as in round trips to each front door. The ABC Mobile app captures photos and GPS evidence.

Our process servers sign affidavits directly on their smartphones at the time of commissioning. You will get business process servers, high-quality service credentials, and time to practice again as a lawyer. With 10 years of experience in marketing SaaS platforms for businesses, Aaron leads abc legal`s marketing and works closely with product, sales and partner teams to showcase the depth and breadth of value abc legal offers. By bringing together automation and development of design, content, web and email, Aaron is a marketing leader in finding new opportunities and increasing ABC Legal`s market share. Aaron attended the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University and earned his bachelor`s degree in advertising. CR has established itself as a leader by relentlessly striving to achieve speed and quality from the start. He is adept at automating electronic filing and execution and uses his development skills to shorten ABC Legal`s performance schedules.

CR leads its team to success by providing support and encouragement while challenging the team to reach new heights and rethink strategies to improve processes. Kelsey received her bachelor`s and master`s degrees from Arizona State University and has been a chartered public accountant since 2013. She spent the first six years of her career in public accounting, working at Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Ernst & Young in technology, biotechnology, semiconductors, aerospace and defense, and hospitality. Prior to ABC, she was a controller at Pro.com, a Seattle-based startup in the construction industry. Kelsey has experience in improving and scaling processes and procedures in high-growth development-stage organizations. Of course, we always carry paper documents on the last mile and ring people`s doorbells to deliver them, but you manage the whole process online. Brandon has a long career in innovating technical solutions for digital platforms with a focus on cloud-based software. Prior to becoming CTO at ABC Legal Services, Brandon was CEO of Docketly, Technical Manager of Blue Jeans Network, Technical Manager at Cisco Systems, Owner of Orion Software Development and Director of Product Development at Latitude Communications. Tyler`s years of account management experience at ABC Legal have given him the skills to identify stakeholder needs and communicate clearly. Tyler continues to build strong relationships with all of abc`s legal clients and ensure timely results.

Tyler graduated from Southwestern Oregon Community College with an Associate of Arts degree. Move your case forward with the national leader at the service of the process. Joe joined ABC Legal in 2019 to revive the employee experience, human resources, recruitment and payroll. Joe has consistently attracted top talent in the past and has successfully recruited industry leaders in finance, marketing, education and philanthropy. Its ownership of benefits has saved employers and employees more than $20 million since 2016, while for five consecutive years it has caused no loss of coverage for employees and no increase in costs for employers. Founded in 1974, ABC Legal Services is based on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to “get through their day in court quickly.” Thanks to proprietary technology, ABC Legal ensures a proper process for everyone through our service offerings, including: processing service, e-filing, jump search, appearance advice and location selection. Today, as the courts modernize and regulation evolves, ABC Legal continues to evolve its technology and business processes to provide its clients with faster, simpler and more reliable solutions. Tim graduated with honors from the University of Colorado with a B.S.